Club Rides

  • We have regular club rides every Saturday which start from the De Ver Cycles Shop at 9 AM.

    There are 3 groups for a range of levels of ability and fitness.

  • More Advanced Riders

    A GROUP: more advanced riders

    Typical Distance: 50/60 miles +

    Average Speed: 17 mph

    Stops to regroup and punctures

  • Intermediate Riders

    B GROUP: intermediate riders

    Typical Distance: 40-50 miles

    Average Speed: 15 mph

    Stops to regroup and punctures

  • Regular Riders

    C GROUP: regular riders

    Typical Distance: 30-40 miles

    Average Speed: 12-13 mph

    Stops to regroup and punctures

Introductory Rides for non-members

  • These will take place the last Saturday of every month as part of a C Group ride for those non-members who are uncertain whether a cycling club will suit them.

    If you are interested in joining an Introductory Ride please phone Mia Burton on 020 8679 6197

    Please note the average speeds do depend on terrain and weather.

What You will Need to Get Going with Us

  • You just need a road bike in good working order, 2 spare inner tubes and a good pump; plus the confidence to know you can manage a minimum of 30 miles distance at a steady pace.